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Nightmare in the Mansion

Horror,Thriller,Comedy  United States of America 

In the movie "Abigail," the story revolves around the kidnapping of a 12-year-old girl who happens to be the daughter of a notorious underworld figure. Eager to secure a $50 million ransom, a group of would-be criminals successfully abducts the young girl, hoping for a quick and profitable outcome.

The captors bring the girl to an isolated mansion where they intend to keep her hostage until the ransom is paid. However, as the night progresses, they soon realize that there is something incredibly eerie and unsettling about the young girl. Strange occurrences within the mansion begin to unfold, leaving the captors grip with fear and uncertainty.

One by one, the captors start mysteriously disappearing without a trace, adding to the mounting horror and tension within the mansion. As the night goes on, it becomes increasingly clear that they are not dealing with an ordinary little girl but something far more sinister and supernatural.

Desperate to survive, the remaining captors find themselves trapped inside the mansion, unable to escape or seek help. They must confront their darkest fears and confront the unknown entity that lurks within the girl. Meanwhile, the girl's father, the powerful underworld figure, becomes aware of the situation and takes matters into his own hands to rescue his daughter.

As the plot unfolds, the audience is taken on a suspenseful journey, exploring the true nature and origins of the young girl, while witnessing the captors' struggle for survival against a force they never expected. Throughout the film, themes of horror, mystery, and the supernatural are intertwined, leaving viewers questioning the nature of evil and the boundaries of human fear.

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