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Rekindling Love in Romance: A Wedding Journey

Romance,TV Movie  Canada 

As Zoe and Will work together at the café, they are constantly at odds with each other due to their differing approaches to running the business. Zoe is organized and practical, while Will is creative and spontaneous. Despite their clashing personalities, they both realize that they work well together and make a great team.

As they spend more time together, old feelings begin to resurface and they start to remember why they fell in love in the first place. However, Zoe is hesitant to open herself up to the possibility of a relationship with Will, fearing that it will distract her from her career goals.

On the day of a big wedding that Zoe has been planning for months, everything seems to be falling apart. Will steps in to help save the day and they realize that they truly complement each other in both work and in love. In the end, Zoe and Will decide to give their relationship another chance, leaving the café in good hands as they embrace their second chance at love.


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