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The Vanished Canvases: Unraveling the Artistic Revolution

Documentary  United States of America 

The film follows Sara Nodjoumi as she delves into the political and personal implications of her father's disappearance and the impact it had on her family. As she investigates the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of her father's paintings, she also navigates the complex political landscape of Iran, where her father was considered a dissident artist.

Through interviews with family members, art experts, and government officials, Nodjoumi uncovers a web of intrigue and corruption, shedding light on the repression and censorship faced by artists in Iran. The film weaves together archival footage, interviews, and reenactments to bring the audience into the heart of the mystery, as Nodjoumi searches for the truth behind her father's vanished artwork.

As the documentary unfolds, it also becomes a personal journey for Nodjoumi, as she grapples with her own identity as an Iranian-American and the legacy of her father's art. A Revolution on Canvas is a gripping exploration of art, politics, and family, offering a unique perspective on the intersection of creativity and activism in the context of a repressive regime.

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