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Witnessing 9/11: A Raw Account of Tragedy and Hope

Documentary  United States of America 

The documentary features personal video diaries from a diverse group of individuals, including New Yorkers, tourists, first-responders, and others who happened to be in the vicinity of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. These personal accounts provide a raw and unfiltered look at the emotions, confusion, and fear experienced by those who witnessed the attacks firsthand.

The footage includes scenes of the Twin Towers being struck by the hijacked airplanes, the subsequent collapse of the buildings, and the chaotic aftermath as people struggled to comprehend what was happening and find safety. Viewers are given a firsthand perspective of the terror and disbelief felt by those on the ground, as well as the overwhelming sense of unity and resilience that emerged in the face of tragedy.

Throughout the documentary, there is no commentary or narration, allowing the personal stories and emotions of the individuals to drive the narrative. The documentary captures the immediate impact of the attacks, as well as the long-term effects on those who experienced them. Through the intimate portrayal of these personal accounts, "9/11: I Was There" offers a unique and moving tribute to the individuals who lived through this historic day.

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