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Reformatory Warriors: Fierce Teens vs. Ancient Demon Legion

Horror,Thriller  Canada 

The five girls, each with their own troubled pasts and personal demons, must band together and learn to harness their individual powers in order to defeat Legion and escape the reformatory. As they navigate the dangerous halls of the institution, they uncover dark secrets and sinister forces at play within its walls.

Along the way, they are aided by a mysterious nun who seems to know more about their powers and their connection to the demon than she is letting on. As they face terrifying encounters and supernatural battles, the girls must confront their own internal struggles and traumas in order to ultimately triumph over Legion and save themselves.

As they fight to survive and uncover the truth behind the reformatory’s dark history, the girls form a bond of sisterhood and solidarity that proves to be their greatest strength in facing the evil forces that threaten them. Can they overcome their personal demons and work together to defeat Legion, or will the ancient evil prove too powerful for them to conquer?

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