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Action,Crime,Drama,Mystery,Science Fiction,Thriller  Indonesia  2023

Casts: Laura Basuki,Yudi Ahmad Tajudin,Reza Rahadian,Ali Fikry,Nano Asmorodano

Plot Details:

In the movie "24 Hours with Gaspar," the private investigator, whose name is Gaspar, learns that his childhood friend, Lucas, has gone missing. Gaspar receives a cryptic message via email, sent by an unknown sender, which sparks his curiosity and sets his investigation into motion. The message contains a series of confounding clues that Gaspar believes could lead him to Lucas and potentially save his life.

Gaspar delves into his memories of their childhood and recalls a specific game they used to play, known as "The Puzzle of the Past." Gaspar realizes that the clues he received resemble elements from the game, leading him to believe that Lucas may have created this intricate trail intentionally, as a way to seek his help.

Gaspar embarks on a race against time, with only 24 hours left to live, as he tries to decipher the clues and find his missing friend. Each clue takes him to different locations around their hometown, each one connected to significant events from their shared past. Along the way, Gaspar encounters old friends, enemies, and long-forgotten acquaintances who may hold the key to Lucas' disappearance.

As Gaspar unravels the clues, he uncovers a web of deception and hidden secrets within their tight-knit community. He discovers that their seemingly idyllic childhood was marred by a hidden criminal network operating right under their noses. This network is responsible for Lucas's disappearance and is now determined to eliminate any loose ends, including Gaspar.

Racing against time, Gaspar must confront his fears and face the truth about his own past in order to save his friend and bring down the criminal network. As he inches closer to the heart of the mystery, Gaspar finds himself entangled in a dangerous game where betrayal and treachery lurk around every corner.

In a thrilling climax, Gaspar uncovers the mastermind behind Lucas's disappearance and brings justice to the criminals who have plagued their community. However, in the process, he must make a heart-wrenching sacrifice to ensure his friend's safety.

"24 Hours with Gaspar" is an intense and suspenseful film that explores themes of friendship, loyalty, and the power of childhood bonds. It takes viewers on a rollercoaster ride, blending nostalgia with gripping suspense, as Gaspar battles against time and his own mortality to save his friend and unveil the truth.

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