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Horror,Music  United States of America  2022

Casts: Bridie Marie Corbett,Lara Williams,Moira Wilson,Van Quattro,

Agatha Black, a young woman who has led a sheltered life, finds herself in a state of deep distress following a tragic event that shakes her world. Seeking solace and nostalgia, she turns to a collection of long-forgotten scary story records from her youth. As she listens to the haunting tales, memories of her past and the innocence she once held resurface.

However, Agatha's life takes a sinister turn when her family home is threatened with foreclosure. Determined to save the house and desperate for a distraction from the mounting tension in her neighborhood, she becomes increasingly obsessed with the scary stories. As she delves deeper into the records, she begins to notice eerie connections between the tales and her own life, as if the stories themselves hold some supernatural power.

The frightening tales seem to reveal occult truths and hint at a violent and inescapable fate that may await Agatha. She becomes consumed by an insatiable need to uncover the hidden meanings behind the stories, hoping they might hold the key to her own salvation.

As Agatha's obsession grows, the stories start to spill over into the real world, infecting those who venture into her tumultuous life. Friends, neighbors, and even strangers become unwitting participants in the dark encounters that arise, blurring the lines between fiction and reality. Agatha's once safe and sheltered existence transforms into a labyrinth of terror, where it becomes increasingly difficult to distinguish between the tales in the records and the horrors that are unfolding before her eyes.

Haunted and trapped by the spectral influence of the stories, Agatha finds herself on the brink of losing her sanity. Every step she takes only brings her closer to the edge of an abyss, where she may be forced to confront the ultimate truth about herself and the twisted forces at play.

"13 Tracks to Frighten Agatha Black" is a chilling journey into the depths of a young woman's obsession with scary stories, exploring the fine line between reality and fiction, and the terrifying consequences that come from delving too far into the darkness.

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